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Character: Todd "Toad" Tolensky/Tolansky/Tolanski (depending on who you ask)
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Character Notes:


Todd is a freshman at Bayville High. Unfortunately, there isn't much given to us beyond that. Mystique recruits him to the Brotherhood in the first episode; what he was doing before then is a mystery, though it's probably safe to assume he was already a resident of Bayville, as he seemed to have a history of being bullied by one of the seniors. The only mention of parents is when he quotes something his mom used to tell him--"If you can't be loved, be feared!"--so it's possible he's a ward of the state or otherwise distant from his family now.

Anyway, as I said, Mystique recruited him to the Brotherhood in the first episode, making him the first member, later joined by Lance, Fred, Pietro, Wanda and, briefly, Rogue and Tabitha. The group was formed by Magneto to counter the X-Men, as he and Charles Xavier have a very, er, different take on human-mutant relations.

The first season of X-Men: Evolution was primarily about introducing characters and setting the tone of the show, so the role the Brotherhood mostly plays is that of thwarting the X-Men at every turn--pretty unsuccessfully, I might add, but still. Because of this, I think I'll only outline events that directly affected Todd or highlighted parts of his personality.

• Todd is recruited to the Brotherhood and sent to the X-Men mansion.
• Xavier is a dick and, despite knowing full well that Todd is a mutant, decides to put him through a "test" that involves scaring the shit out of him.
• Todd and Kurt (also known as Nightcrawler) immediately strike up a rivalry.
• Suffice it to say, Xavier does not welcome Todd to the Institute, and Todd runs away, screaming, with his tail between his legs.
• The next time we see him, he's playing around with a device found in a hidden lab of the school. Said device shoots out a beam that sends anything in its path to a dimension called the Middleverse. REALLY DANGEROUS, RIGHT? I think you mean fun! Todd has a blast giving the gizmo a workout, sending all sorts of random shit falling around Kurt and Forge, who were already trapped in the Middleverse prior to that. It isn't long before the rest of the X-Men spoil his fun by taking the device back, though.
• The X-Men and Brotherhood are sent to a survival training camp and go head to head to prove who's better. In the end, both teams are called back home and work together to save their guardians from Juggernaut.
• Magneto pits members of the Brotherhood against members of the X-Men, one on one. Whoever wins the match gets sent to Asteroid M--whether they want it or not--where he will "reward" them by increasing their mutant powers to full potential. Todd chooses to go against Jean Grey, which was a dumb mistake. Being a powerful telepath, she easily wipes the floor with him.
• He later regroups with the Brotherhood to go against a small group of the X-Men. Sadly for him, he loses once more and is left behind while the rest of his group is taken to the asteroid. He's left with the X-Men, spills that Magneto is trying to put together a team of super mutants, and then they all go back to the Institute, where they run into Mystique (who'd lost against Storm) and Wolverine (who'd lost against Sabretooth).
• Mystique knows where Asteroid M is, so they decide to work together and take a plane--made of no metal whatsoever, mind you--to this asteroid suspended somewhere in Earth's atmosphere. (Here we learn Todd doesn't like flying, especially in something that sounds like it could fall apart at any second. "You mean we're flyin' in cheap plastic?! I think I'm gonna be sick...")
• When Todd fights against Magneto, the Brotherhood questions his loyalties, to which Todd responds that he's on whichever side lives.
• Mystique and Magneto disappear within the power chamber of the asteroid, which then explodes, leaving the Brotherhood is left leaderless.
• Now on their own, they decide to crash the soccer tournament and threaten to expose mutantkind to the world. Luckily, the X-Men stop them, and Xavier gives the people at the game a nice little mind wipe.
• A few episodes later, Mystique returns, having survived the explosion and been posing as Rogue's friend, Risty. She brings a mentally unstable girl with her--Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. With her power alone, the team becomes formidable opponents to the X-Men. She also becomes the unwilling object of Toad's affection.
• An anti-mutant activist named Bolivar Trask has been working on robots, known as Sentinals, that can detect and destroy mutants. The X-Men and Brotherhood come together to face off against Magneto's new team of Acolytes, and unwittingly find themselves coming face to face with these anti-mutant robots.


At times, Toad is like a puppy: he’ll endure being yelled at, kicked, and scolded and still come bounding back like a loyal companion, tail wagging happily behind him. Unlike a puppy, though, his loyalty ultimately lies with number one, meaning if you find yourself in a life or death situation, you can probably count on him high-tailing it out of there. Exceptions are always possible if he’s taken a very strong liking to someone, but the odds are highly unlikely. He’s a coward, he knows it, and he’s a-okay with it. Being chivalrous isn’t conducive to self-preservation, after all.

On his own, Todd is quiet and tries to keep a low profile to stay out of harm’s way. With others backing him, the boy doesn’t know when to shut up. He projects a cocky air of false confidence, mouthing off at people he normally wouldn’t have the balls to say one word to otherwise, and draws all kinds of attention to himself, careless of whether it’s good or bad. Bad press is better than no press, as they say, and it helps feed the attention whore within.

He’s insecure, he’s needy, he’s a lazy slacker and his hygiene suffers for it. He can be vulgar, he can be mean, he can often be overly dramatic, and he’ll do almost anything within reason to stay in the favor of his so-called friends. Though the negative qualities far outnumber the positive, the latter is at least present in that he’s passionate about the things he enjoys, he has a good sense of humor (self-deprecating as it may be), and overall, he’s content with where he is.

…Though if someone were to drop him in the lap of luxury, he’d be the last to complain, but that’s beside the point.


• leaping heights and distances far greater than that of an ordinary human
• a prehensile tongue that stretches up to fifteen feet
• he can spit adhesive mucus
• he can attach himself to ceilings and walls using the same mucus, as it secretes from his skin
• superhuman agility
• superhuman flexibility

• he's an expert pickpocket
• he's surprisingly good with technology
• he's quadri-dexterous! I mean, heck, the boy can write with his feet.

• showers only once a month
• he hates soap
• aaand he's kind of really smelly because of these things

Additional Links: Todd at the Marvel Comics Database!

First Person (entry type):

hey comuuunity, i'm home now! and i'm looking so handsome and also i'm expelled??

ha ha yeah, no, but seriously. big surprise there, am i right. that kelly can't make up his fool mind, makin us go back just to mess with the x-geeks and then givin us the axe again. what gives yo? i mean hey, don't get me wrong or nothin, it's not like i wanna spend the day cooped up in a classroom while everybody and their mother gives me the stink eye, but it's the principle of the thing.

anyway, so yeah, looks like i got some free time comin up here. i'm thinkin i need me some cool interdimensionalish things to do. got any suggestions?

Third Person:

Todd Tolenksy could feel the odd looks directed at him as he made his way down the dusty streets, and he countered them with a menacing glare of his own. What was the big deal, anyways? You'd think people around here had never seen a guy hopping on all fours with a sombrero-wearing horse piñata tied to his back before.

For a fleeting moment, Todd thought that, possibly, the sweltering Mexico sun may have fried his brain, but quickly tossed that notion aside. They may not have known what he was up to, but he knew exactly what he was doing. He was making a profit. Thirty-five pesos for a piñata? Hell yeah. He didn't exactly know what the peso to dollar conversion was, but thirty-five was a decent number, and a peso had to be worth at least fifty cents in the States, right? That was, like, seventeen dollars or something. Maybe not worth the price of being chased from a birthday party by the angry father of a blubbering seven year-old, but after several birthday parties and several piñatas? Yeah, it was worth it.

Tolensky's Discount Piñatas! He'd be ROLLING in it back in the States.

That thought caused a grin. A really big, shit-eating grin, and so with a song in his heart, Todd kicked the door to the hotel open and hopped down the hall, decidedly ignoring the desk clerk's cries of protest, and headed toward the room.

His voice echoed off the walls and he couldn't have cared less about how annoying he might've sounded. Screw everyone, he was frickin' happy. "La cucaracha, la cucaracha! La da da da-something something... Hey honey, I'm hooome!" Just as he threw open the door to the room, however, a tremor passed under his feet and caused him to tumble forward, landing in a painful heap in the middle of the room. After a very brief moment of shock (can't live with someone for so long and not learn to expect these things, after all), he pushed himself to his knees, cringing at the sore spot in the middle of his back, and surveyed the room.

Nothing but Lance and the TV. Well, what Todd assumed was the TV, anyway. It was hard to tell when it was crushed beneath a piece of plaster, spewing smoke and sparks. (Aw man, and that telenovela had been getting good...) He cocked an eyebrow at the mess, then turned to Lance with a snort. "Yo, was it a fair fight?"

He had yet to notice the piñata horse had broken in the fall, bleeding sweet candy from where its head used to be.

Thirty-five pesos: a deep, personal loss.
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